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New Student?

These tips are passed down from UI seniors to incoming students who are new to our campus.

  • Take advantage of all the different things you can learn while here.
  • Time management is key so try to master it early.
  • Study abroad if you can and don’t make excuses not to.
  • There is never a stupid question, so ask.
  • Enjoy having meal plans.

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New Year's Resolutions

Goals can be set anytime throughout the year but the New Year presents a clean slate and can be a good time to get started on working toward something new.

Tips for Successful Resolutions

▶ Be specific about your goal(s); keep it achievable.

▶ Be realistic. Some of the best goals are simple ones.

▶ Define how you will reach your goal. Have a plan in place.

▶ Set a date for you to attain your goal or part of the goal.

▶ Evaluate your progress. Make changes as needed, readjust.


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