The choices are endless on what to do on campus and in the community. Whenever you do go out be sure to follow some guidelines to being safe such as stay in well-lit areas, let someone know who you are out with and when you plan to return, have a charged up phone, and stay in public places.


NOTE: The Mass Transit District (MTD) has many routes that can help with getting you to and from some of these destinations.

MTD Bus Schedule 


If You Choose To Drink

Laws to Know

  • Drinking age is 21.
  • Bar entry age in Champaign is 19 and 18 in Urbana. Even though you may be able to enter bar establishments, you cannot drink unless you are 21 years of age.
  • In Illinois, blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 is considered legally intoxicated for those who are 21 and older. There is zero tolerance for those under 21 years of age.
  • Purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol as a minor can result in a fine of $340.
  • Carrying open liquor outside of premises is a fine of $195.
  • Providing or purchasing alcohol for a person under 21 is a fine of $340.

Before You Drink

  • Assess your mood. Your current mood can affect how you react to alcohol and the amount you consume. Do not drink when you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired.

  • Don’t let drinking be your primary activity and don’t force others around you to drink. Be respectful of others who choose to abstain.

  • Set a limit on how many drinks you are going to have and stick to it. Tell a friend and count your drinks.

  • Do not drink on an empty stomach.

  • Decide ahead what time when you want to return home and stick to that timeline.

While Drinking

  • Drink slowly, sip not gulp down a drink. Aim for no more than one drink per hour.
  • Alternate between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Never leave your drink unattended.
  • Stop drinking at least one hour before you plan to leave.
  • Avoid alcoholic punches of unknown contents.
  • Eat something while you drink.
  • Avoid encouraging or approving inappropriate behavior due to intoxication.

After Drinking

  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Do not be a passenger in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking.
  • Travel back to your destination with someone you know.
  • Do not go alone or travel with someone you just met.
  • Stay in well-lit areas and in groups.
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • Do not ever leave someone alone that has been drinking or may have consumed too much.

Signs of Alcohol Poisining

  • Person is unconscious or semi-conscious
  • Slow breathing – 8 breaths or less per minute or 10 seconds or more between breaths
  • Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin
  • Does not respond to questions when being spoken to
  • Does not wake up when prodded or poked
  • Cannot stand up or maintain balance
  • Rapid pulse rate
  • Overall mental confusion

If a person has any of these symptoms, they may be suffering from acute alcohol intoxication.

Take Action!

Get help even if you have been drinking as well. The safety and wellbeing of the person with these symptoms is critical. A friend cannot get upset about you caring. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • If in a residence hall contact a staff person or call 911
  • Do not leave the person alone
  • Turn them on their side to prevent choking in case of vomiting

Signs a Student May Be Abusing Alcohol 

  • Drop in grades – may happen gradually
  • Switching Friends
  • Emotional Highs and Lows – easily upset
  • Defiance to Rules and Regulations
  • Becomes more secretive – not sharing
  • Loss of Initiative  - less energy, sleeping more
  • Withdrawing socially
  • Change in Physical Hygiene
  • Many Excuses for Staying Out Late
  • Isolating Themselves – spending more time in their room
  • Short tempered – becomes angry easily
  • Legal Problems

Ways to Turn Down a Drink

  • No thanks. Be short yet direct. Walk away, take a selfie with the person, or start up a new conversation.
  • I am driving tonight. Offer to be the designated driver.
  • I’ve had enough, thanks.
  • I am OK for now, maybe later.
  • I can’t tonight, I have an exam or have to get up early tomorrow.
  • I am on some antibiotics right now so my doctor says I shouldn’t drink.
  • Carry a cup around with soda or something in it. People often won’t ask if they see you with something.
  • I’m not feeling so great so I think I will pass for now.
  • I partied hard last night so I’m gonna pass tonight, thanks.
  • I have practice/game tomorrow.


Illinois promotes a healthy living, learning and working environment free of the negative influences of alcohol misuse. The university is committed to enforcing our policies and respecting local laws related to alcohol use. This site provides helpful resources and support to our students, faculty, and staff. Rethink the Drink

  • Alcohol & Other Drug Office: 217-333-7557
  • Counseling Center: 217-333-3704
  • McKinley Mental Health: 217-333-2705