How to Connect

Get to know your professors and/or instructors

Keep your professor/instructor informed if you are missing class, assignment deadlines, or an absence from exams due to illness or personal emergencies

Go to office hours -  Office hours provide an informal setting to ask questions, get clarification on assignments, and learn more about the department and professor.

Questions to Ask at Office Hours:

  • Ask about the professor – where they went to school, why they chose the field they work in, do they have any advice, etc.
  • Ask if there are any other courses in the department they would recommend. 
  • Go to office hours after a quiz or test, particularly if you did poorly. Take time to understand your mistakes, and ask questions and/or clarification when needed.
  • Ask if they have practice problems or questions that you can use for extra practice.
  • Ask about anything you find confusing related to the class whether it is material, a concept, etc.
  • What recommendations do you have for preparing for an exam in this course? Do you focus on the textbook, lectures, articles, etc.?
  • How can I be successful in your course?
  • What are your expectations for the course?